Saturday, March 9, 2013

Totter's Otterville

Who wants to play in a room full of baby dolls? How about a puppet show? Face paint? We could go see live animals. Let me guess, you want to play in the ball pit. Totter's Otterville offers all this and more. It is a place where a kids imagination can run wild. It's everything they love all in one place. I have only been there once before, but when my mom suggested it for SJ's third birthday I said YES absolutely, and it was a done deal.

My brother (the one with the recording studio) brought his new camera and put together this video of the celebration. I hate giving disclaimers, but on the one day that SJ was being followed by cameras she had put lotion, conditioner, or something in her hair and her usually Rapunzel-ish locks were really stringing. Pair that with her brother hitting her head with a bowling pin (a toy foam one, but still enough to leave a mark) and she looked pretty roughed up. She still (as you will see from the dress up segments) is my little princess. 

SJ's Third Birthday Party from Brandon Weaver on Vimeo.

The Guests:

Z was the oldest kiddo of the bunch
The girl with the pigtails and polka dots is my lovely niece. She is just 4 months younger than SJ
The adorable one year old boy with the hoodie is my nephew. He is a year older than E.
There are 3 blonde headed brothers that SJ spends all her church nursery time with.
Then there were two other brothers and their baby sister.

11 little ones age 0-5. What a happy birthday it was! I can't wait for the next party.


Kate Ferguson said...

What an AWESOME video!! I loved her expression with the tutu and Barbie clothes! Looks like a fun place!! And I love all the little chocolate mustaches on the kids, ha!

Zade + Bethany said...

Darling. It's cute how SJ got so excited about that dress! You've got a girly girl on your hands.

Lauren Duke said...

I love that place, isn't it so much fun! I'm glad she had a great day!

{amy} said...

What a fun place to have a birthday party! I love SJ's reaction to her presents!