My Crunchy Side

I was a whopping 9.9 pound baby that was birthed at home by my mother (duh) who was born and raised on a farm in Vermont. That is probably where my interest in a natural lifestyle stems from.

Interest is a key word here, because I am pretty crunchy compared to "a mainstream" mom, but pretty mainstream compared to a crunchy mom. That means 

I like to grow my own vegetables, but I go through kit kats like a smoker goes through cigarets. 

I gave birth at home, but I don't do home school (although that's not to say I'm not curious).

I still breast feed the first two years, but the organic police would probably be mortified if they could peak in my 5 year olds lunch box. 

We do bed sharing, but not toilet paper sharing because that gets flushed.

The list goes on. I believe we are all unique individuals and labels are for the birds, but I definitely slant toward attachment parenting for what it's worth. Here are some messy mom photos and links pertaining to that topic

Kentucky Garden 

Texas Garden 

Our Chickens 

My green side

Going Paper towelless

Cloth diaper savings

My cloth diaper system  

Our vaccine choice

Avocado as babies first meal (as seen on Pinterest!)

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Amy Leon said...

I just happened upon this section you have on The Messy Mom and was soooo blessed to read it. I, too, am some-what crunchy and was so encouraged to hear another mom who is comfortable with the choices she makes to be crunchy or not on any particular topic. I spent a lot of Katie's first year in guilt/depression over this very issue of "being crunchy enough". So thankful for the freedom that the Lord has given me in this past year. So nice to know that there are other parents out there that are "informed choosers," making the right choices for their families regardless of what the world labels them. And for what it's worth, you are more crunchy than me;) Love and miss you, Amy