Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Look Back and Laugh

One of the fun things about doing some “house keeping” around here in preparation for this blog relaunch was that I got to see all of my old posts in a new light. In some ways I could not believe how much has changed, but I was also very much encouraged to see that the purpose and the inspiration behind Messy Mom has remained consistent since the original launch in 2008.

Back then I wrote a weekly post on Tuesdays called “Look Back and Laugh” and I shared a funny or embarrassing memory. I stopped doing these posts shortly after SJ was born and life got hectic. I’ve still always liked the idea of taking those humiliating or awkward stories and turning them into something that later can be conversation starters.

So I’m bringing it back! Along with all the new things coming to Messy Mom this week I am going back to my roots and implementing some old stuff too!

It is with great enthusiasm that I can officially announce that the Messy Mom will be hosting a weekly link-up party.

Every Tuesday morning I will be sharing a funny story from my life and I would LOVE it if all of you other bloggers would join me. 

Your post can be old or new and your memory could be from yesterday or when you were 6 years old as long as it's family friendly that's all I ask. Please don’t stress out about whether your story fits in or that it has to leave us all rolling on the floor laughing. Look Back and Laugh Link-up is really just a chance to break away from all the troubling news, political disagreements, guilt trips, or mommy wars and just take a lighthearted look at life.

I know for me I have plenty of blunders to choose from so even if no one joins in the link up I will be posting something (probably embarrassing) EVERY Tuesday. I do hope that you will join in the fun though, because I will be reading every link and I promise I will be laughing with you, NOT at you.

See you this Tuesday May 19 for the first...


This post is a part of [The New] Messy Mom Launch Party which will be going on all week long leading up to my new site launch this weekend. Check out the welcome video HERE and be sure to enter the giveaway for a Starbucks card HERE


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

So fun Natalie! This is going to a great Tuesday series, original and fun! Looking forward to it!

{amy} said...

As you know, I have a whole series of these! It'll be fun to look back and laugh at the stories I've posted in the past! I'll definitely be joining in!

The Flynnigans said...

Great idea. I certainly will participate as I always have funny/weird/ridiculous stories lol and I'm clumsy as hell so it's always fun times around here. :)

blestbutstrest said...

I'm looking forward to the link up! I can always use a good belly laugh :).

Sandra Black said...

Hope to be there next Tuesday