Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The First Day of School and She Didn't Even Get Through Lunch

SJ had her first day of preschool yesterday at Ohio Valley Voices. 
However, almost immediately after dropping her off I got a call from her ENT's nurse wanting to know if we could be at Children's hospital at 12:00 pm to do a CT Scan. This wasn't out of the blue. I was expecting the call I just didn't know when. I have to back up to last Friday in order to explain what we are dealing with. J and I noticed that SJ was touching the right side of her head a lot. It looked like she was experiencing some irritation or sensitivity around where her implant is. We even debated whether or not she should wear her processors. Most of the time she was fine, but we noticed it off and on all weekend. It gradually became worse to where on Monday she was up at 5:00 am crying and holding her hand on her head where her right implant is. It doesn't matter if she is wearing the external parts or not, what hurts is obviously on the inside and is not sound related. For hours she did not seem like herself. So I called her Doctor and I told them what was going on. The lady that answered the phone (bless her heart) said the Doctor could see her on November 3rd. I told her that if it were as simple as a bruise it would be gone by then, and if it were worse it would be too late! I had to call a couple times and eventually after several different conversations I got the order for a CT scan. So after I got that phone call yesterday I picked SJ up from school and we went to the hospital. 

Cincinnati Children's hospital was great (same place we went for the stitches). They rank third in the nation and they're kind of a big deal. I couldn't find a picture of the fun jungle themed CT scanner, but I did come across this pirate one that is at the Joe Dimaggio Children's hospital in Florida, which is even better. It's like a carnival ride! Who wouldn't want to go on that? 

 This morning after dropping SJ off for her second day of school they called me again, this time with the results. Everything looked fine (no shifting or visible problems with the device and nothing wrong with her brain), which is great news, but unfortunately that still leaves me with a lot of questions. Something is causing this pain. She gets random "episodes" several times a day and one time she even tried to put a bandaid over her hair where her implant is She will also go through spurts where she is content like there is nothing wrong at all, even if I touch her right implant. Her ENT set an appointment for Tuesday and I will get to speak with him directly and just hope we get to the bottom of this. I know my daughter and she is usually a TOUGH COOKIE. The most important thing for me right now is to just be a voice for her. She can't tell us exactly what is wrong, but until she indicates that it no longer bothers her I will keep pushing for some kind of answer. As always, prayers are appreciated. 


Sarah said...

Poor little thing. I hope you figure out what's bothering her.

TracyL26 said...

Of course we will be praying! It is the most helpless, sad feeling when your child is hurting and you can make it stop :(. Praying an answer will be found immediately!

Anonymous said...

this makes my mommy heart sad to think of little SJ in unknown pain. :( I will be praying for her.

{amy} said...

Aw! Poor thing!