Thursday, June 12, 2014

The First Week of Summer

AHHHHH! I have tried to publish this blog post since Monday and here it is Friday (basically) and still have yet to share my first week of summer with world. How devastating. This time I am determined.

Summer has been busy. Hopefully it will stay that way and go by fast. My plans are to share some of our "boredom buster" activities on a weekly basis. I have a few reasons for doing this. One is my ongoing attempt at bottling up these priceless moments. Two, I have googled and Pinterested (or whatever you call it) ways to fill our endless summer days only to find that there are ENDLESS suggestions. I am not really worried that the internet needs yet another mommy blogger hitting up this topic, but hey, you never know. One of my ideas might spark something for someone else, although many of these activities are very specific to our location/schedule. Also, I might be the one looking back through them this time next year when I am trying to figure out how I managed all summer long.

Anyway, let's get this started with last week's boredom busters. This one's definitely going to be more packed than most because SJ was not in summer school so we had a little getaway at my parents.

1. Ohio's Presidents at Union Terminal

We were given a membership to the Cicinnati Museum Center, and they have 100 days of summer fun where you can count on special activities everyday. The highlight of our trip last week was when Z participated in a special session they had all about the Ohio presidents. Z LOVES American history and we are currently working on learning the 50 state capitals. Z think it's fun and we make a game out of it. I am not trying to rob him of the joy of vegging out over the next 3 months, but if the kid wants to learn I am certainly not going to stand in the way either. I have seen so much anti-summer enrichment essays online that I worry someone will stone me for doing anything educational during his time off. That's a side note.

2. Chalk

Z's teacher sent home an end of the year gift of sidewalk chalk along with a note that said "Hope your summer is CHALK full of fun." So we definitely let the fun begin with this favorite boredom buster.

3. Trees

Z had 5 stitches when he was three years old after falling (not very far) out of tree. He still has a serious scar on his chin, yet I still let them climb. There are so many benefits to healthy risk taking. I can give links to studies, but do I really need to do that? Experts agree it is a dying art form that needs to be revived. I read an article that said "Last year, almost three times as many children were admitted to the hospital after falling out of bed as those who had fallen from a tree." Z has been taken to the ER for falling out of tree and falling out of bed. In the same year. Glad I could contribute to both sides of the spectrum (not really). 

4. Smores

While visiting my parents we also had time with some other family members including my niece, shown in the tire swing photo above.

One night we had a cook out with a bon fire and smores. We sang camp songs and even SJ, or should I say especially SJ, wanted to contribute with song ideas and sign along. This is a huge milestone!

5. Visiting Old Friends

What better time to catch up with old friends than during the summer. We got to meet with SJ's original therapists from Louisville and they were able to see just how far she has come. We had a wonderful time. I am so so so grateful for these ladies.

6. Delta Field Trip

It was bring your kids to work day at Delta and grandchildren are included, so Z and SJ got to talk to a pilot

 and get a backstage pass to learn about how everything works at the airport. This included the fire rescue and K-9 police division.

 We saw a black lab sniff out a suit case and they got to get inside a massive firetruck, blow the horn, and watch all the water spray out.

I enjoyed it as much as they did!

As you can see there was not much room for boredom. The kids slept well that week.


Anonymous said...

I loved every bit of your fun week. I noticed in the picture, your calk fun and tree climbing became one. :-). Just thought it was funny to see in the pic.

{amy} said...

So much fun already! Yay!!