Saturday, June 8, 2013

Apartment Hunters (Guess Which One We Pick)

If I am somewhere with cable I usually find my way to HGTV. That has to be one of my favorite channels. I have always had a love hate relationship with House Hunters. For those unfamiliar with the reality show, each episode has a prospective buyer and their realtor looking at 3 different homes. They talk about what they do and don't like and at the end of each episode they announce which house they are buying.  I enjoy getting a peak inside the homes for sale and J and I like to compete to see who can guess the chosen homes with the most accuracy. 

Last week J and I went looking for apartments and I felt like I could have had an HGTV camera crew following me around because it was so similar to House Hunters, well except ours would be the poor man's edition. 

The first place we looked at is minutes away from Sedona's school and is nestled in a quiet neighborhood full of scenic trails and wooded tranquility. The apartments are newly renovated with all stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hardwood floors. The down side is that it is only a two bedroom and would be a really tight squeeze. 

We looked at another complex that has had excellent costumer service every time I have spoken with them and this neighborhood also seemed pretty peaceful, and not too far from the school. The downside is that entire apartment was carpet including the dinning area and it was all pretty outdated, and had a very "used" feel. 

The last place we looked at was really far away, but you got so much more bang for your buck as far as square footage. However, it didn't feel like a safe or family friendly environment, which has been the case every time we have looked at income based housing. 

When I told some of the ladies that work at SJ's school about the places we had toured they told me I had a sparkle in my eye when I talked about the first place. It's true, I can't help it. Apartment one is our first pick and after compiling lists of pros an cons for each place it took the cake with all the benefits. We turned in our application and are just on the edge of our seats to hear if we are accepted. The only reason we wouldn't be is because of our fluctuating income. If we can't get in at that place we will probably go with apartment #2. The 3rd one is not an option at all. We'll see what happens. We are already behind schedule when it comes to moving before school starts so we'll know something for sure this week and the final verdict can't come soon enough. 


Sarah G said...

Haha, your descriptions sound just like on House Hunters. Sounds like Apartment 1 is the best choice. Hope you get it!

Bethany Shaw said...

Love those wood floors!

{amy} said...

Maybe you have an answer already, but if not I hope it all works out! Hunting for a home is one of the most exciting & stressful things!

{RYC, you aren't alone in noticing how much my kids are growing up! It has been that way for me, too! E is in high school now, and C is looking like a man all of a sudden. It's crazy!}

Anonymous said...

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elissa said...

At least you didn't mention the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Ha!
Oh, House hunters, you slay me.
Good luck with your search!

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Hopefully, you get the apartment you want. It's probably best to get one with amenities, accessible and has some security features like gated access, an intercom and a peephole at the very least just like some apartments for rent in Avondale AZ .

Anonymous said...

I could *read* the sparkle in your eye with the first one! It's very charming. :) And you know, that's not a bad thing. Sometimes charming does win over super practical and that's ok. New people to our home usually comment on how "cute and charming" our house is and I usually feel the need to remind them that there are cons, but in the end it DOES make me smile to drive up to our quaint home and neighborhood, especially when I've been in a cookie cutter home (not that there's anything wrong with those!). So you can't lose either way. :D