Thursday, February 13, 2014


There are a lot of big events coming up for our family, which means we are entering into one of those crazy fun seasons. You know, the kind where you are overwhelmed, but at least it's all for the right reasons? I can sum up most of our calendar with pictures of invitations

For starters. I just finished designing SJ's Donut Party invitation and I am so excited to be in party planning mode.

That is not what the invite says. I censored the details.  

 I already gave a disclaimer to my family, but this will be the only big theme party this year because it is SJ's "golden birthday". She is turning 4 on the 4th. When Z turned 4 on the 4th we threw a whopper of a Veggie Tales party and it was the bomb diggity (or insert more current trendy word that describes a really fun party).

People are still going crazy over this party on Pinterest, which makes me smile almost as much as a silly song with Larry.

In other SJ news, her school has an annual Gala, where philanthropists from all corners of the metroplex get gussied up in order to raise donations and awareness for her school.

It's quite the occasion, one I didn't plan on ever participating in until we reached a much, much different place in our lives. However, the opportunity has presented itself for me to be the photographer which would allow J and I to attend at no cost. Not only that, but J gets a free tux rental which he will is getting fitted for TODAY. Boy oh boy, I can't wait to see that guy in his black tie ensemble. And I am looking forward to get my glam on as well. Obviously photos will follow, but we still have 10 more days before they roll out the red carpet.

Almost as exciting, but not quite as extravagant is the mother son date "knight' at Chic Fil A.

I was at our local CFA a couple days ago and saw the invite for mom's to take out their boys for a special medieval evening and Z was thrilled with the idea. When I went to RSVP the spots were all sold out, but I hated to disappoint my little man because he was so looking forward to the one on one time. As it turns out I could book a reservation for one that is a little further out. My plan is to pick him up from school the day of and go straight there. J and Z have gone out to ball games, restaurants, and nature walks as father and son before, but I have never had any intentional alone time with Z, so I think this will be really special and long overdue.

The final invitation is for the valentine's party at Z's school.

This is the first year for any of my kiddos to exchange Valentine's. Z has worked hard at filling his name and 22 classmates names on each individual Valentine.

 I am hoping his "cards" are well received. They are McDonald's Valentine's. To be honest, I am not a McDonald's lover at all, but we usually go there  once a week because it's the closest play land and with the weather being the way it is it's our best chance for exercise. The valentines are actually coupons for free items (i.e. apples, juice or milk, ice cream).

They were 12 for a dollar and that leaves two extra coupons that we can use when we go in for our weekly exercise and therefor the pack of valentine's ends up paying for itself. It's a frugal kind of love.

I can't believe February is already half over, and the rest of the month will fly by even faster no doubt. Do you have any plans for this short, but LOVABLE month? Did you purchase or make valentines this year?  I want to hear about it.

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{amy} said...

Great job on the Valentine cards! I never knew McDonald's had those! Very cool.