Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not Your Average Haircut

For most of SJ's life she has had a decent amount of hair to play around with.

BUT, most of the time it looks like a mixture between a sea urchin and a disregarded cat toy.

 Seriously. I have sent her to school with unintentional dreadlocks before. For that reason I am ready for her to have her first haircut. As I am envisioning what it will look like and how she will feel sitting in the salon like a big girl, it occurred to me that she won't be able to wear her implants during the haircut. I don't care, and I don't think that she will mind at all, but it was one of those aspects of the cochlear implant that I never thought about before. It made me wonder what it would feel like if I had my hearing turned off for a haircut. I asked around at SJ's school for insight from some of the more experienced moms and teachers and they said that they usually leave one on and then switch sides during the haircut part. I'll probably just leave them off tomorrow, since she is still very comfortable either way right now, but it's good to know for future haircuts.

When I say this is her first haircut, it's true for the most part, but when she had her surgeries she had to have her head shaved in the area of the incision. This photo was taken shortly after her first surgery.

 You can still see the scar from the incision just above her ear. At one point I posted this instagram which shows how trendy my preschooler was without even trying.

 Who would have thought that the side shave for girls would become so popular right when SJ had the side of her head shaved! Most of the time you can't even tell that there are varying lengths because she wears a head band all the time, but when she doesn't you can see where the shaved parts are growing back in and it's in-between her chin and shoulder now.

That is why I decided to go with that length for her haircut. As long as we are going to be cutting it anyway why not just even it out? Here is one last photo of her which I took this morning before she had her headband on. It gives a bit of an idea of what we can expect tomorrow.

I think she'll like it, but I guess we'll see. She'll be a cutie pie no matter what. That's for sure!


{amy} said...

First haircuts are a big deal! I've been wondering if you'd post a pic on IG of FB. I'll have to see! :)

{P.S. My reader is finally empty for the first time in the past month or so! Yay!!}

{amy} said...

I'm back...SO cute!! She's adorable! :)