Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is our 2013 Christmas card. 

The card we printed said "Have a super Christmas" with our names signed and Ezie was signed as Batman. And we always include a verse on our card so we went with John 3:16-17 because of the part about Jesus saving the world. Here are a few behind the scenes photos from our Christmas shoot. 

Getting setup.

 Now we just need J and Ezie.

 Now we just need J to get off his phone! LOL.

And in case it isn't obvious the joke is referencing the classic childhood version of the Christmas carol that says "Jingle Bells Batman smells". Ezie was batman for halloween and he's still in diapers so we couldn't resist. It was a fun card. Now onto 2014  


Sarah said...

That is awesome! I love the look on Ezie's face, like he's all proud of his stinky self.

{amy} said...

Love it! So creative! :)