Friday, December 7, 2012

Month 2

It's been a beautiful two months of having Ezie in our lives. I don't know his current weight, but he is a big guy. I just started putting him in the 3-6 month clothes. He is still an excellent sleeper, but awake more often during the day than he was last month. He's never slept through the night, but the couple of times he does want to eat in the middle of the night he is just barely awake and then goes right back to sleep (same goes for me). I still can't tell if he is going to be a pacifier baby or not. At this point he doesn't take to it too much. He is holding his head up really well and he is "tracking" with his eyes. He also started smiling, which means a room full of  grown adults  will act incredibly ridiculous just to try and win a smirk.

He makes you work for them too, let me tell ya. 

We got the traditional ducky photo of him wearing the robe that I bought for a dollar at a yard sale 6 years ago. It was the first baby item I purchased when I was pregnant with Z. I now have photos with each of my kids wearing it after bath time.  

When I was a baby my eyes stayed blue until I was a year and a half! My nieces eyes were this way too, so it must run in the family to have late bloomers when it comes to brown eyes. E's eyes seem REALLY blue, but I won't count on them staying that way. It would be cool though if they did because both his grandfather and great grandfather, which he was named after, have blue eyes. Either way, I will always have these snapshots of his baby blues. 


Mels said...

Ahhh! I just want to squeeze him!!

TracyL26 said...

The first picture made me think he looked like J but in the 2nd one I saw you :). Your eyes stayed blue until 1 1/2!?!? Asher's eyes are still blue and I really hope they stay blue (thought I was safe ;)

nancy from ky said...

I really see his cousin in that first pic.

{amy} said...

He is SO adorable!! He looks like such a little character already!!

{ryc, I have heard of Matthew Perryman Jones! I have a couple of his songs, but not the one you mentioned. I really like "Don't Fall in Love"}

Kate Ferguson said...