Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Z's Growing Up

*Not sure why half of this is in all caps!? I have tried to change it, but it's stuck that way for now. Oh well. 

Z came downstairs yesterday morning with his glasses off, his pajamas still on, and his finger in his mouth. “Look” he said as he wiggled his two bottom teeth. At first I panicked and asked him what happened. He said "I just went to sleep and now they are wiggly". My mom said  "It sounds like someone is ready for his first encounter with the tooth fairy." We all got really excited and even SJ stopped eating breakfast to give Z a hug. 

I just can’t believe how much he is changing and maturing. I am loving this age. The other day I had to go to the store with the kids and I purposefully picked Z up from school first rather than go with just the two little ones. I never thought I would see the day that Z would be more of an asset than a liability, no offense. It seems like only yesterday shoppers were gawking at me as I abandoned my shopping cart full of groceries to chase my holy terror through the freezer aisle.  

Granted he still challenges us with his antics. If it’s not one bad habit it’s another. He used to bite the collar of his shirt. Then he went through a stage where he started asking “what’d you say?” after EVERYTHING to the point that we even talked to SJ’s ear doctor thinking maybe he had hearing problems. His latest most irritating habit has been blowing in peoples faces, but I think he is over that one now too. I only mention these things because I don’t want to give off the impression that I have an angelic 5 year old. 

His teachers think that he is, and I am not quite sure how he pulled that one off. He has some amazing teachers and does so well in the classroom setting. When we moved out to the country I worried about the lack of peer interaction, but school has filled that void. He is learning to read and has the most beautiful thirst for knowledge. When I read to him he wants to see how many of the words he can read himself. He will take the word van and sound it out very slowly and I just wait. 
Vuh.  Aaaaa. Nuh. 

And when it clicks and he realized he took letters and decoded it into a word he just lights up. It is such an amazing experience as a mom to see the wheels turn and watch him grow up. It's one of the perks of my job and I love it. 


Hannah said...

I completely understand that feeling of your kid being a help and desiring their company/assistance. Daisy entered that this past year - I can even ask her to keep an eye on Andy when I go to the bathroom, etc (mainly when overly-loving Judah is around!). And that's SO great that he's learning to read!! That's one of my absolute favorite things to see happen. The only down fall is that you can no longer spell "secret" words in front of them anymore. ;)

Marlene Magee said...

Look I am only a Nanny and praying to be a mom but as a Nanny I love all the moments so I praying that God keeps blessing your family

Kate Ferguson said...

I feel the same about my 5 year old, and we had her hearing tested last year bc of the "what, I can't hear you!" thing, too! He seems like a sweet, fun, and challenging boy :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Aww... such fun waiting for the tooth fairy! These photos are so sweet!

TracyL26 said...

I love watching him grow up :). Gives me so much to look forward to with Caleb :)

{amy} said...

I completely understand that feeling of realizing it's not so difficult {& actually helpful} to have them with you at the store! He's looking so mature now! How fun to be entering the tooth fairy stage!

{P.S. Thank you for the nice things you said about us as parents!}