Monday, February 4, 2013

About That Behavior Thing

In my mini meltdown that was recently documented on this blog I referenced some behavioral issues we were dealing with. I know we just moved. Our schedules, schools, and environment have all changed and I can expect some set backs and back lashes from the kids, but I still don't like it. Seriously, they are all 3 amazing and we actually have so many special and wonderful times together. I am really proud of each one of them, but then there are the other times! 

One of my best friends posted this the other day and I was actually downright convicted by it. 

Then as I was writing this I went to look up an article I found recently on how to raise a strong willed child and I think it is no coincidence that I came across this reminder instead

"God has given us the exact children in the exact birth order with the exact personalities not merely so that we can raise them but in order for them to be His tools in our lives to grow us up into the women He has created us to be. He gave us that strong willed toddler, that child we just don’t “’get,” that one with disabilities. Every child is a gift from God and He will use each one in our lives for good if we let Him. It’s helpful to ask, “God, what are you teaching me through this special child of mine?” God is full of mercy and full of grace. And He is always faithful."

-Susan Yates

I just happened to see it in my online search and it speaks volumes to me! It actually made me cry, which is what I do these days. Thank you Lord for teaching me.


Kate Ferguson said...

Amen! I needed that reminder from that quote! Here's hoping and praying for a great week for you!

{amy} said...

What a great perspective!

momstheword said...

What a beautiful quote! Sometimes we forget that God knows what He's doing, lol!

I remember when my kids were little, just the slightest thing could upset our routine or schedule, and for some kids, that can be tough.

My then-three year old had a meltdown when our car died and we had to buy another one.

He was my doesn't-like-change kid, and so for a few days life was rough around our house. He about had a cow when I cut my hair too, lol!

But we've all had those days when we feel like a failure, or we feel so guilty for yelling or saying something.

God forgives, our children forgive....we just have to learn to forgive ourselves!

Hugs and I LOVE your blog name, lol!