Monday, February 18, 2013

Post Op

It's been 3 days since SJ's surgery and let me tell ya, she is a trooper. They had this crib in her room so I requested a bed.

 They told me they don't do beds for children under 3, but they said if I signed a paper and supervised her at every moment they could arrange it. So I signed the papers in a heartbeat and they wheeled in the bed. She is going through enough already without having to wake up in a prison cell. They also put her in a diaper after surgery, but she never used it. She would just sign potty and I would page the nurse. Then all 3 of us would walk her and her IV equipment over to the bathroom. Back at home she threw up a few times and she would get one of the puke bags we brought from the hospital or she would go to the toilet and assume the position. I would gladly help her, but she doesn't want to be babied. She's always been the most independent toddler I know and surgery is no exception. 

Not to bring attention to myself, but here we are about to leave the hospital and yes I did have 13 inches of hair cut off. I will get a better picture posted soon. I loved how SJ's cochlear implant on the right side could still be used over her bandage. 

When we got home this cookie bouquet was sitting on the doorstep. It was from SJ's school.

She was really excited about the delivery.

Now the headdress is off, and tomorrow she goes back to school! Her follow up appointment is on Wednesday and she will probably be activated next week. Here is a video that I took today of her saying the word UP. This is a big milestone for her. I can't wait to hear what comes next. 


Sarah said...

Love seeing a video of her talking! What a little trooper she is, being so independent even after the surgery. I'm glad it went well.

TracyL26 said...

Natalie, I have a question about the implants ... does the part that is on the outside of her head stay on all the time (even at night and during bath)? I was just wondering how bath time works and bedtime (can she only sleep on her back? is she able to comfortably sleep on her side, is the outside piece water proof)?

So glad she came through the surgery in perfect shape. She is one tough little cookie!

Chadwick Fairbanks said...

She is still the cutest little girl! The video makes me happy! Yay Sedona!!! -Chadwick

Mels said...

Loved this so much! Her expressions in the cookie pictures are adorable.

{amy} said...

Aw! I love the video! So proud of her!! I think it's so sweet that her class sent that cookie bouquet! <3 I'm glad she's doing so well!