Monday, April 1, 2013

Gentle Giant

Hello April and hello to having a 6 month old! He's already half way through his first year. Ezie is all over the place developmentally. On one hand he's ahead of his peers by having the physical attributes of some one year olds.

Everyone says E looks like his dad.

He's 18 1/2 pounds and just over 26 inches.

First Easter
He wears some 6-9 months clothes and I find myself putting him in 12 month clothes more and more often. He also has 8 teeth now! Yes, eight teeth at 5 months old. I never even knew that could happen. He had the bottom 2 at 3 months and then nothing for a long time until we noticed all of the top front 4 looked like they were about to come in. I was so busy looking at the top I hadn't even notice that there were two more that had already shot up on the bottom. In about 10 days he cut 6 teeth.

Ties are for chewing!

 He's such a trooper about it too. The way these teeth are taking over he'll probably be opening aluminum cans with them when he's two. I am kidding, but he is a bruiser for sure!

UT shirts from their Uncle.

It's quite deceptive actually. Here I have this hearty boy that looks like he can hold his own, when really he can't even hold his own pacifier with too much coordination.

SJ giving the baby a bath.

He doesn't scoot, sit up, or roll over. He's a very observant, interactive, and content little guy though.

I haven't gotten a picture where you can see his teeth, but they are all broken through.
 As far as being concerned about developmental delays he doesn't show any warning signs like being floppy or stiff. In fact Z was the same way. He never really rolled over. He mostly just laid there until he started crawling. I think it's harder for the big fat babies to get around. I know how technical and savvy I must sound right now, but I am a mother of three so that must give me some credit.

I think I wear him more than I did my other two.

That's 6 month old baby E in a nutshell,  a carefree gentle giant.

The sun did come out at the end of Spring Break.

I still haven't given him any solids nor has he slept through the night other than one time for 7 hours. I guess with that mouthful of teeth he's ready chomp into some food pretty soon here and hopeful the sleep will follow. HOPEFULLY.

This is just a joke. My mom laughed when she saw this pic on my phone. That's E's first time swinging!


{amy} said...

It sounds like his body has been too busy growing and making teeth to have time to work on the mechanical stuff! They all develop at their own pace, don't they?!

Mels said...

Be careful you don't throw your back out, he looks almost as big as you in that sling!:) He does look like J, but he also looks like you and Zion too, I haven't been able to quite figure out what it is about him yet. And I have GOT to hold that little chubster before too long. Squeeze him for me!