Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Worship Through the Arts

We had a nice, but low key Easter this year. The kids did an egg hunt at the church the weekend before and they each got a chocolate bunny from my parents which were part of a part of a fundraiser for SJ's school, and that was it as far as festivities go. I wore the same dress I wore last year only I wasn't 3 months pregnant this time.

You can't really tell in this photo other than my hands and Z's foot holding her back, but SJ was acting like a wild child. I told my brother (the one taking the picture) that trying to get a family photo immediately after service is like shaking up a soda and then attempting to drink it right away. I don't know why they are so crazy after church, but between the dozens that he took we somehow managed to got a decent shot. Next time I think I will just hire a 3 year old female stunt double.

The previous week we had celebrated Palm Sunday in a way I will never forget. Our pastor lined up a beautiful service of worship through the arts, and not to brag, but I have such an artistic family that many of them were involved.

My brother Jeremy did an extraordinary painting live throughout the morning. It breaks down the crucifixion story into 14 different segments (the traditional stations of the cross)

 and my brother painted each of them in an hour and a half.

 At the end our pastor had him explain the piece and Jeremy laid it all out according to what time of day everything happened and he made it all very personal. He was crying. I was crying. There were a few hundred people crying and worshiping together in church that morning remembering what Christ did for us. It was inspiring. On top of that Jeremy's wife (my sister in law) did a beautiful dance with some of her friends. I had never seen her dance before so that was really neat experience too.

I'm blessed be a part of such a talented family and even more so to serve a awesome, majestic, powerful, creative, loving, and LIVING God!


Mels said...

Wow! That was all really beautiful! You and your family are all so talented, it's true. That painting looks intense, I would love to see it up close. I had no idea Natalie was a dancer, loved it. I'm digging Brandon's new interest in videos, it makes me feel like I almost get to be there with ya'll. He of course is already doing great in that department too, but really would we expect anything less?

elissa said...

I had to LOL when I read the part about your kids after church. My son always needs a stunt double for taking photos! That kid never sits still!
That painting looks stunning!

{amy} said...

Wow!! You have an amazingly talented family (you & J included)!

P.S. Your password comments made me laugh out loud! We definitely have the same sense of humor, because the two parts of the video that you mentioned were my favorite parts as well! And though I don't really want to have nightmares, I do want to click the hearing option next time I have the chance (just so I'll know what you're referring to)! :D