Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Happy Camper Party

Yesterday I showed part 1 of Ezie's birthday party and today I am going to share 10 party details that made this event in our little home so special!

1. I already posted the invitations

2. And the party favors for the kids

3. This banner was really special because it was made by my sister in law and sent all the way from Texas to Ohio just for us!

4. . We downloaded a campfire video with audio (found on youtube) and had it playing on our TV during the party. We also had camping chairs to sit in, which were both practical and decorative. 

5. I found this camping cake idea online and put my own spin on it.

6. I had these one year photos of Ezie along with one year photos of his siblings, parents, grandfathers, and one great grandfather (1929)! The poem says 

I'm a year old and looking real cute
 sitting on a log in my flannel and boots
because because baby pictures are so much fun
Here's more of my family when they were all ONE!

and here is me, Z, and my dad pointing to our photos. 

7. The kids room was transfomed into a "Fort Building Station" Most of the printables I used are form here.

8. The kitchen counter became a trail mix bar

8. The mason jars had thank you notes and photos of the birthday boy for the guest's party favors.

9. The birthday cake candle was a part of the campfire flame, it was really cool to see it have real fire and smoke! 

10. Outside was a camping set for presents and drinks, but since it DID rain (thank goodness I nixed the original outdoor camping idea) we moved most of these items inside. 

I hope this list is helpful to anyone looking for camping party ideas and that it is inspirational for those living in small spaces. You can decorate and celebrate in a little home! 

This post is part of my 31 day series. Find more HERE


Kate Ferguson said...

Okay so I am going to play catch up on the last 5 or so posts, ha! I agree, living with items in storage, and living with people in general has truly taught me what we need and what we want! Huge lessons! Z's party is so cute! Love the brown paper bag treats!! Thank you again for doing this series, it has blessed me so so much!!

Sarah said...

You did the cake yourself? I'm impressed. Would love to decorate something cool like that.

Wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog today. It is nice to know there are good vibes out there for me :). I think maybe you don't have an email set up for people to respond to when you leave comments. You might want to check your settings, because I always want to hit "reply" and email you but it says "no reply".

Natalie Busch said...

Sarah, Hmmm. I'll check on that.

{amy} said...

What a great party! All the little touches really added to it, like the fire & smoke coming out of the campfire on the cake!

RYC, the party is a small space was one way to get to share a bit about what's been going on lately & still keep with the theme! :) I did not know about the Switchfoot movie/documentary. I'd like to see that!

Jen Price said...

Wow! This is awesome! I love themed birthday parties!