Thursday, December 18, 2014

Melted Snowman Cookies

I've seen several variations of this recipe floating around on pinterest. The one I used was from Somewhat Simple and she gives a wonderful tutorial.

The idea behind it is that you make a sugar cookie shaped like a puddle, covered with icing, and then topped off with a  marshmallow that has been warmed a few seconds in the microwave. What makes the blobs turn into snowmen is the decorations and this is where you can really get creative!

We changed it up a bit by using mini chocolate sprinkles for the faces, and some candies for buttons (and some of the noses). I have seen so many variations including the addition of the marshmallow snowball which I incorporated.

 I have also seen resees cups for top hats or edible markers to draw the faces on. The possibilities are endless once you've got the basics.

My sister in law had a great time decorating these and of course they are a hit with children.

I think Holiday cookie's are one of my favorite things. By the way I have been loving the feedback on the Andes Mint cookie recipe I posted last week.

           "These cookies are awesome and so easy! Thanks for the recipe. Seeing that I accidentally bought a box of brownies instead of cake mix, I went ahead and used that instead. I cut the vegetable oil down to 1/4 cup, added 3/4 c   flour plus 3 Tbs water. Then I added 2 eggs just like the recipe called for! These turned out perfect:)."

- Mels @bloglikeadog

"I made these over the weekend and they were a huge hit! Everyone loved them and they are so easy, moist and delicious! Thank you :)"

"I've made the mint ones twice now! They're my new go-to cookie! Thanks for sharing!!"

That's what makes me happy about this little pinnable Christmas series. It's simple little things that I have tried as a busy mom with three kids and not a ton resources. I would like to think that the crafts and recipes I am showcasing are for regular messy families just like mine. Although, clean and tidy families are welcome to try them too. Wink. 


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I've seen these a couple times but never realized that they were actually easy. I love that they look labor-intensive but really aren't :-) I think my kids would have a ball making me! Thanks for sharing again my friend :-) you know how much I love the series!

{amy} said...

I've seen these before, but they looked harder than I thought! I'm going to have to up my game next year and make more of these recipes that you've shared! I'm glad other people have enjoyed the mint cookies, too! :)