Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Here We Come

As I look back at old resolutions some of them are painful to read because I remember trying them and then slowly loosing focus and in the end being not so successful. 

Disclaimer: I don't drink, I just thought this was funny.

I don't know how many years I have intended to sell things on ebay. In fact I have this list on my Cozi called "left overs". I am on a tangent here, but bear with me. I make a to do list everyday of 10 things I want to accomplish that day. I don't do it on weekends, but almost every day I make a list because I am a list addict. When something is left on the list it goes to another list called "left overs".

Most of the time it either gets done or becomes obsolete, but as you can see I have this dang "Take pics for ebay" and it just sits there taunting me! It's probably never going to happen. Still, I love my lists and goals. I have even had some of them become permanent life habits like when I quit drinking soda back in 2000 or when I decided to start using reusable shopping bags in 2009. All that to say I do in fact have a list  of new years goals and since it's 2013 you can bet I have 13 of them.

1. Get the kids on a schedule Z and SJ will be in school full time this year so that means early to bed early to rise. For our group of night owls  I think we'd be better off trying to memorize the Bible, but here goes nothing.

2. Learn more signs Now that SJ has a Cochlear Implant she is learning to talk orally, but I still want us to continue to expand our ASL vocabulary.

3. Be active with the kids Some of our favorite family activities are riding bikes, flying kites, and catching fire flies at night. Excuse the rhyme, I can't help myself.

4. Vitamins and veggies everyday for me and the fam I'll confess it just doesn't happen consistently, but it needs to.

5. Donate my hair I have had long hair most of my life. I love my long hair, but I have had it short some too.
 I also loose A TON of hair after pregnancy and it drives me crazy. I swore I would chop it off and give it to locks of love after I had a baby so it is happening. I just have to make the appointment.

6. Move to Ohio More details on this later.

7.  Be alone once a month Not as easy as it sounds.

8. Visit Texas and Michigan We weren't able to travel back home for the holidays this year and many of J's family have yet to meet E.

9. Make a movie Not like a major motion picture, but I have a little project in mind that my brother and I are hopefully going to work on.

10. Learn more about the world and teach my kids I am bad at Geography and I want to change that.

11. 12 date nights Once again, not nearly as easy as it sounds. Believe me, this isn't the first time I have had this as a resolution.

12. Update our family portrait This is the most current one we have.

13. 4 big birthday celebrations. Z (Super hero party), SJ (small, but special), E (first birthday, I don't have a theme yet) and SJ's hearing (video montage of her journey).

Alrighty, that's it. Wish me luck! 


Mels said...

Great list, very doable! I especially like #8:). I'm just waiting for the day you send me a picture of your hair cut off!

Zade + Bethany said...

veggies and vitamins. good one. I'm gonna steal it. :0) Looking forward to hearing about the move!

{amy} said...

I, too, am a list addict. Maybe we should form a club! ;) This seems like a great list! I haven't put much thought into this year or any sort of goals, but I hope to do that sometime next week. I look forward to seeing your new hairdo! :)

Lauren Duke said...

12 date nights, that is a wonderful one. I realized that unless I put them on the calendar way ahead of time, then it just doesn't happen