Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teeth In Teeth Out

Baby Ezie got his first two teeth this month. I think it's quite a coinsidence that the boys are 5 years (and 27 days) apart and Z lost his first two teeth a month before E got his first two teeth in, and of course it's the same bottom two. So now both boys have the same two teeth growing in. I am going to go ahead and say my prediction, which is that E will loose those teeth exactly 5 years from now.

I don't have any photos of the teeth, but I did manage to do his 3 month photo shoot and even though he wasn't charming my camera to pieces I still managed to get this adorable shot of him as his usual laid back self.

His latest milestone is the whole hand fascination stage. He just loves to lock his fingers together, open and close his fists, and zero in on his hands with the intensity of a antique appraiser.

And no, the camera does not add pounds, he really is that chunky. He was 16 pounds last time he was weighed and that was a few weeks ago so who knows how much he is now. He has just about outgrown all of his 3-6 month clothes. In fact here is a picture of me on my 30th birthday with a onesie I got for him in NYC.

 I did pictures of all of the kids in their I heart NY shirts and I couldn't button Es because he was too long!

It's amazing how much changed in the 6 months between these two photos.  Just think what he'll be like in another 6 months! No actually, let's not think about that. It will be here way too soon.


Kate Ferguson said...

Fun! My babes were all chunky! How fun on the teeth, losing and gaining!

{amy} said...

How neat that both boys have the same two teeth growing in! The pictures are absolutely adorable! :)