Monday, January 14, 2013

3 1/2

What I have found about the third child is that while I still work really hard at keeping things even when it comes documenting memories, it's definitely a challenge. I have managed to do newborn portraits, video collages, baby book entries, and birth announcements for all of them, but E's tends to get done a little later and perhaps less detailed.

E is now 3 months 3 1/2 months old. He had his first Christmas.

He is obviously really excited about it.

 We didn't do any pictures with Santa this year, but I was able to get some of the kids all dressed up in their Christmas clothes.

E played the role of baby Jesus a total of 4 times this year, including once at the mall for a flash mob. 
People that we didn't even know where stopping us to take pictures and tell us how much they enjoyed the surprise program. If babies could get academy awards I think E would be some serious competition for best performance as a tranquil newborn. Even when laid in a manager under a spotlight he was always so serene. I knew he would do well considering he isn't typically a fussy baby, I was more concerned about him being gassy. Thankfully there was no flatulation going on during the angelic nativity scene.

As far as the rest of the month goes, he started cooing which is the most precious thing in the world.
He had his first plane ride.  He was on a plane for the first time.
He got sick for the first time, but I took him to the Doctor and it turns out he just has a cold and I am glad about that.

That's about it for the 3 month milestones. He mostly just lays around 24/7 melting our hearts with his snuggly, adorable, squishiness. It's a tough job, but somebodies gotta do it.

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{amy} said...

He's adorable! I'd love to squish him! :) & I love when babies coo! <3