Thursday, January 3, 2013

Instagram 2012

I randomly decided to look back at the past year of instagrams the other day and I thought it would be fun to share my favorites. Here are the top 12 from 2012

 January 3- still living in Texas

 March 17- SJ shaking her finger at a stranger wearing a matching dress

May 15- My best friend and I were hooked on The Hunger Games 

June 16- Lots of gardening and a little romance

June 23- Getting ready for New York City and my 30's 

July 21- J turns 36

August 28- SJ at her new deaf oral school 

 September 26- Little did I know I was 4 days away from meeting my baby.

 October 1- Thrift store shopping hours before delivery! 

October 21- Z!!!

 November 22- Thanksgiving morning

 December 30- My final instagram of the year (see my last post)

This is the small stuff. There are so many milestones that happened this year that overshadowed all the little snippets. These are just pieces of my life that could just as easily be disregarded, but how cool is it that I can look back and cherish all of those little moments as well? Here is to another year of phone photos! 


Mels said...

I just did one of these last night too! I almost put the Hunger Games picture in, because really how can we forget the phenomenon that was the Hunger Games this year? Love your pictures of course and I can't wait to see you in 2013!

{amy} said...

How fun! Considering I've probably only posted about 12 pics this year, I don't suppose I'll do something like this! I should post more this year, huh?! This post made me realize that I wasn't following you on Instagram, so now I am! :)